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Sun Consulting S.R.L is an accounting, consulting and accounting expertise company authorized by CECCAR. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or concerns about any information in this note or any other matter concerning the processing of your data, please do not hesitate to contact our Data Protection Officer at any time. Depending on your preferences, you can contact us through any of the communication options below.

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About this information note

Sun Consulting S.R.L., is an authorized C.E.C.C.A.R. with no. 4011 with headquarters in Constanta, Str. Ioan Borcea, no. 39A, CUI 18757160, registered with the Trade Registry under no. J13/1844/2006, represented by Accounting Expert Pavel Oana Magdalena, as Administrator.

In this note we will explain how your personal data is processed by Sun Consulting SRL (we) and in which we ensure that your personal data is processed responsibly and in accordance with data protection laws regarding the personal nature for which is applicable.

For the purposes of this information note, Sun Consulting S.R.L is a personal data carrier. You can find above information about our identity and contact details.

We at Sun Consulting S.R.L and our partners take very seriously respect for your data. Compliance with the legislation on personal data protection and best practices in the field, as well as ensuring a climate of transparency, security and trust for our clients is a priority for us, for which our employees, collaborators, partners and leadership firmly declare support.

This note contains important information. So, we encourage you to take the time to read it thoroughly and carefully and make sure you understand it fully. To facilitate document browsing, we included at the end of this note a glossary explaining the main notions used (eg "personal data", "processing", etc.). Do not hesitate to communicate any misconceptions you may have. We want to make it clear to you how we use your data and how we protect it.

The content of this information note is purely informative and does not affect the rights of the law. We will do our best to facilitate your rights.

Thank you for your trust in our services and the way we work with your data.

What data we process

The personal data relating to you that we process will be data obtained directly from you or resulting from the provision of the services and include the following categories of data:

Personal details, such as: nume; last name; first name; gender; date of birth / age; citizenship; personal numeric code (CNP); the rest of the information in your ID (including date of issue, expiration date, place of birth).

Contact details, such as: home address; mobile/phone number; fax number; email address.

Payment details, such as: billing address; bank account number or bank card / IBAN code; name and surname of bank account holder or bank card holder (may be other than you if someone else has paid an invoice in your name and for you); the date from which the bank card is valid; the expiration date of your bank card.

Professional details, such as: employer; position; brand or CNP and employee address; ID card number.

Data about acquisitions and interaction with us, such as: evidence of your interactions with us; details of your purchase history from us.

However, we will strictly respect the obligation of professional secrecy that we have with you and we will not inform these people about this processing in order to comply with our obligation of professional secrecy towards you.

The source from which we receive your data

But we have the most information from you when signing a service contract. For this we continuously develop a company to collect and update your data. The basis on which we process your data.

The purpose for which we process your personal data

We process your personal data in order to conclude a contract with you at your request or to execute a contract with you (through which we oblige you to perform our services).

As far as our marketing communications are concerned, we process your data on the basis of our consent for processing for this specific purpose.

We may process your data for the fulfillment of our archiving obligations, obligations to disclose certain information or other legal obligations to public authorities upon request.

Providing accounting, tax, audit services to you. Provision of accounting, tax or audit services, including the provision of promotional services or information about our promotions; communicating with you about services; activating or customizing your subscriptions to our services;

Marketing communications. Communicate with you by any means (for example, email, mobile or fixed phone, text messages (SMS), mail, messages posted on social networks or in person) news about the services available in Sun Consulting SRL, subscribe to the newsletter, or provide other information that might interest you.

Managing our communications and IT systems (information technology). Managing our communications systems; managing our IT security; performing security audits on our IT networks, issuing reports to authorized institutions or repairing system errors.

Fulfilling our legal obligations. Fulfilling our legal obligations with regard to archiving, security, keeping records and other obligations that our law imposes on us.

Financial management. Issuing vouchers, invoices and receipts to you; Receiving payments from you including registering payments made by another person on your behalf; recovery of debts from you (including through debt recovery companies - details below at the data transmission section of your account); refunding some money to you; transmission of notifications; sending to court; drafting financial / operational reports, activity reports and financial statements / on contracts.

Resolution of disputes. Wording of requests and defenses before public authorities and other entities that settle disputes.

Polls: Making surveys and asking questions to you in order to get your opinion on our services.

Improving our products and services. Identify potential issues with our existing services to improve them (including by conducting audits); testing the improvements made to our services or our new services; solving your complaints.

To whom we will disclose your data

As a rule, we do not disclose your data to other companies, organizations or individuals in any country (including Romania). But we try to be as transparent and specific as possible, and we will continue to present the categories of such recipients:

Your employer – in connection with the assessment of your ability to work for purposes only within the limits of the information set forth in the legal provisions.

Public authorities in any field, from Romania (ANAF, ITM, etc.) or from abroad at their request or at our initiative, in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Auditors, lawyers and other external professional consultants from Romania or from abroad - they will be bound by a law or by contract with us or another company in our group to keep the confidentiality of your data.

Individuals or legal persons who act as empowered agents for Sun Consulting SRL in various fields (e.g., payment services, archiving or destruction of documents, etc.) from anywhere in the world, which we will oblige them comply with the requirements of legislation that protects your rights - they provide certain services to us.

Our partners, with whom we are in contractual relations - providers of marketing services.

When we use a individual or legal person as the person empowered to process your personal data, we will ensure that it has concluded a written act with us to assume, among other obligations that the personal data protection legislation provides, the obligation to process personal data only in accordance with our written instructions we have provided in advance and to effectively implement measures to protect confidentiality and ensure the security of personal data. We will also ensure that the written act between us and the person empowered provides at least for all the other obligations provided by the applicable legislation on the protection of personal data.

To whom and under what conditions we will transfer your data to a third country or international organization

At this time, we do not transfer and do not intend to transfer your personal data or part of it to other companies, organizations or individuals in third countries or to international organizations.

In the future, if we transfer personal data outside the EU to a country that is not established by the European Commission as providing an adequate level of protection of personal data, transfers will be subject to an agreement covering the EU requirements on transfers of personal data outside the EU, such as the European Commission, have approved standard contractual clauses.

How long we will store your data

We will store your data for a period of 6 months to 10 years. For the storage of your data (in electronic format), we use our own servers or other companies specialized in electronic archiving.

Data security

We are working hard to protect our customers, other people whose data we process ourselves against unauthorized access and the unauthorized modification, disclosure or destruction of the data we process.

In particular, we implemented the following technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of personal data:

Dedicated policies. We adopt and review our data processing practices and policies for our customers and other individuals, including physical and electronic security measures, to protect unauthorized access to the systems and other possible threats to their security. We constantly verify the way we apply our privacy policies and comply with data protection laws.

Minimize data. We have ensured that your personal data we process are limited to those that are necessary, appropriate and relevant to the purposes stated in this note.

Backups. We are working hard to protect our access systems or unauthorized or accidental modification of your data and other possible threats to their security. For this reason, after deleting your information from your accounts, we may not immediately delete the copies that we created or the backups we have made. We make monthly archives (backups), which we keep secure for at least six (6) months. All the technical equipment that we use to process your data is secure and up to date to protect the data.

Ensure the accuracy of your data. It is possible that from time to time we ask you to confirm the accuracy and / or actuality of personal data about you that we process.

Staff training. We constantly train and test our employees and collaborators on legislation and best practices in the field of personal data processing.

Anonymisation of data. Where possible and appropriate to our activity, we anonymize / pseudoanonymize the personal data we process, so that we can no longer identify the individuals they are referring to.

Control of our service providers. We enter into contracts with those who process for us (empowered persons) or with us (other operators - associate operators) clauses to ensure the data protection that we process; this protection goes at least to the minimum required by law.

What are your rights and how you can exercise them?

We treat your rights in relation to the processing we make on your data with maximum seriousness. We will continue to take all reasonable steps to ensure that they are respected.

Your rights

Right to data access. You have the right to gain access to your data that we process or control, or to copies thereof; you also have the right to obtain from us information about the nature, processing and disclosure of these data.

Right to data rectification. You have the right to rectify the inaccuracies of your data that we process or control.

Right to delete data ("the right to be forgotten"). You have the right to obtain from us the deletion of your data that we process or control.

The right to restrict data processing. You have the right to restrict the processing of your data that we process or control.

Right to object. You have the right to object to the processing of your data by us or on our behalf.

The right to data portability. You have the right to transfer to another operator of your data that we process or control.

Right to withdrawal of consent. In situations where we process your data under your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent; you can do it at any time, at least as easy as you first granted your consent; withdrawing consent will not affect the lawfulness of processing your data that we made before withdrawing.

The right to lodge a complaint to the Supervisory Authority. You have the right to file a complaint to Supervisory Authority of personal data processing regarding the processing of your data by us or on our behalf.

How can you exercise your rights

In order to exercise one or more of these rights (including the right to withdraw your consent when processing data based on it) or to ask any question about any of these rights or any provision in this notice or any other aspects of processing your data by us.

The editors of SUNCONSULTING.ro reserves the right to modify, revise, complete these rules at any time. Any changes will be made public on this page and will actually take effect upon posting on the website.

Any dispute concerning the rights and obligations set forth in this document will be brought for solutioning in front of the Romanian courts.


The return of the fee can be done only if there is an exclusive fault of the Provider for failing a paid service. In the latter case, the return will be made after considering the circumstances that caused a negative result, and after obtaining the necessary approvals, the average duration being 30 working days.

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