Tax consultancy covers all important aspects for a good business activity.
The most important aspects are:

  • Drawing up complaints of any kind (against verbal controlling, etc.)
  • Consultancy on foreign exchange regulations, export import operations, customs code, avoidance of double taxation, international transactions
  • Identify all taxes and contributions applicable to your business
  • Assistance in meeting tax obligations
  • Tax analysis, VAT consultancy, tax on income or profit, direct and indirect taxes, wage taxes, social security etc.
  • Analysis and solving of specific problems related to the harmonization with the EU legislation
  • Analysis and solution of profit repatriation problems, tax solutions for maximizing investments
  • Tax planning

We provide the tax consultancy needed to reduce tax, by keeping you up-to-date with all the options that the law allows for increased profit.
Tax Categories for which we provide tax advice:

  • Profit tax (general rules, tax rates, calculation of taxable profit, tax payment, payment deadline, profit tax statement)
  • Income Tax: the scope of income tax, categories of income subject to income tax, dividend tax (quotas, payment deadlines, declaration), definition of income salary, monthly determination of income tax on income salary, tax payment deadline, annual income tax adjustment, tax records, the global income statement and special statements
  • Tax on income obtained in Romania by non-residents: coverage, taxable income obtained in Romania, withholding tax owed by non-residents, exemptions, statements
  • Taxes and local taxes: general rules, tax calculation, payment terms, declarations), taxes on buildings and land, tax on means of transportation, other taxes and local taxes
  • Value Added Tax: scope, taxable persons, taxable transactions, generating facts, exigibility, territoriality, tax bases and tax rates, determination, settlement and reimbursement, tax invoices, payment deadline, VAT return

Following a thorough analysis, our firm assumes responsibility for restoring accounting and updating the accounting situation. This means:

  • re-submiting and filing reports on salary obligations (preparation and submission to the competent bodies of rectificative statements for employees: CAS, unemployment, health and Territorial Labor Inspectorate - ITM)
  • re-submitting and submitting the corrective statement to the financial administration of the VAT return - value added tax
  • re-submitting and submitting an amending statement to the Financial Administrations of the declaration on payment obligations to the state budget
  • re-submitting and submitting the rectifying statement of financial statements to financial administrations regarding the profit tax
  • restoring the verification balance