The benefits of working with us

We anticipate the difficulties which our clients can pass through and we offer solutions, both by formulating commercial contracts to defend their interests and by setting up working, operational and accounting procedures that comply with the legal framework through close collaboration with the lawyer's office who represents your interests.

We support our clients in difficult moments and provide assistance both during the ANAF control activity and in the subsequent appeals, followed by the legal procedures for defending in courts.

Services offered to our clients in the relationship with the Trade Register:

We can help you through the legal advisers with whom we collaborate to carry out the following operations in relation to the Trade Registry and the other official bodies involved:

  • Establishment of companies, company liquidation procedures
  • Allocation of Unique Identifier at European level (EUID)
  • Name change
  • Signing in or changing the logo
  • Change of legal form
  • Change of registered office in the same county
  • Change of registered office in another county
  • Extending service life
  • Change activity object
  • Updating the activity object
  • Increase of social capital
  • Reduce of social capital
  • Transmitting parties of interest and social parties
  • Suspension or resumption of activity
  • Changing members of the management and control
  • Establishing or cancellation secondary headquarters
  • Modifying identification data
  • Exclusion or withdrawal of associates
  • Merging one or more companies into a company they are
  • Merging one or more companies with an existing company
  • Partially dividing a company into one or more existing companies
  • Partially dividing a company into one or more newly formed companies